I develop effective solutions for complex challenges by troubleshooting and resolving issues with precision

- which is a fancy way of saying I make stuff work and fix stuff that doesn't work :)

About me

I'm Constantin Mussaeus, a second year bachelors student studying Computer Science at ETH Zürich.

In my freetime I love to tackle programming challenges. One challenge I enjoy every single time is Advent of Code. It is an algorithmic contest held in December where I compete against hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Last year I even managed to get into the top 100 on one of the days!

Furthermore, I am a big fan of Hackathons. Even though I have only been to three so far I plan on going to more in the future. They are always a great way to learn a new language or framework and to improve your coding and team working skills.

Another hobby I recently discovered are ergonomic mechanical keyboards. I like them and therefore, I even build my own split keyboard with only 34 keys. Learning a new keyboard layout and trying to get faster at typing has become a regular activity of mine by now.


AoC Leaderboard

This is a leaderboard for Advent of Code participants where they can compare their runtime with each other. Currently WiP, will be ready for next AoC though.



As most computer scientists I have some favorite frameworks and languages I like working with. Here I've listed the ones I feel comfortable working with.


My favorite language by far is Rust. I seem to bring it up so much that my friends are often annoyed and tell me: "We know that you love Rust, just shut up". But besides the friendly banter I think that this language will be extremly important in the future, especially because of its ecosystem, peformance and safety.

Because Rust is one of the worst languages for quickly getting something done, I've recently started exploring Go. It just works which is awesome!

Some other languages I consider myself capable of working with are Typescript / Javascript, Python, C and C++.


My most favorite web framework (which I also used to build this page) is SvelteKit. It makes building websites so much more enjoyable! You can use abstraction with the components, have a nice way of combining Typescript and HTML and it is still blazingly fast.

The framework I used before Svelte was Vue, its also a great tool for creating homepages and more but I quickly jumped to SvelteKit as I often had hydration issues with NuxtJS.

Other tools:

Because I am not a big fan of CSS I always use TailwindCSS and DaisyUI to style by websites. They work great and make life much easier!

As an editor I mostly use Helix nowadays but beforehand I used NVim and Vim a lot. Of course VSCode is always a viable option and my first choice if I need to use a weird language which is not supported on my other editors.